Experts in languages and technologies

Scientific and technical texts on all levels

Administrative and legal texts

Communication campaigns and publicity

Localisation of websites and software

How do we do it?


We will deliver the translation in the format you need

Whether it is a simple text or has a more complex layout, we will adapt to your needs


We translate from the language you need into the language you need

We have a broad network of translators of many languages (European Union languages as well as others)

Delivery dates

We will deliver the work by the deadline you set

When you request a piece of work, we will agree on the delivery date with you


We will guarantee language quality

Our translators only translate into their mother tongues. A corrector checks all the translations. We have a language quality team to update language criteria from time to time; they include three associate members of the Royal Academy of the Basque Language, expert translators and terminologists.


You will have the cost of the work and all its phases under your control at all times

Through the ItzulpenFlow web application, you will be able to control all the phases from the moment you request an estimate until you receive the translation


We train translators and language professionals in languages

  • Translation seminars to train in Basque as well as in Spanish
  • The fundamentals of translating
  • Technical redaction and style
  • Terminology in the field of science and technology
  • Training plans specially for professionals
  • Text correction
  • The computer, too, in Basque
  • Online courses: Testing and Training
  • Training pills via Twitter, through the @ElhuyarHizk account

We assess text quality

  • We run text analyses
  • We assess text samples
  • We measure text quality
  • We provide customised style recommendations

Consulting on translation tools

  • Wordfast and CAT tools
  • xBench
  • Glossaries
  • Translation memory exploitation
  • We help to optimise translation flow
  • Management of large teams of translators
  • Itzulpenflow: translation management platform

Working Team

At Elhuyar we have a professional working team comprising translators with experience spanning many years. We closely monitor the latest trends in translating and language criteria so that we can apply them to our work.

In our daily work we also take advantage of help from people in Elhuyar's other units: lexicographers, terminologists, language technology researchers and developers, etc.

We are deeply involved in translation technology R&D so that we can offer our customers advanced services.


Continuous working hours

From September to June: from 8:00 to 17:00.
July and August: from 08:00 to 15:00.

We adapt our working hours to the customer’s requirements should the need arise


We work in any format


We agree on the delivery dates with the customer

Customer criteria

We respect the customer’s criteria: style, terminology, format, etc.

ISO 17100:2015

Quality certificate


Customer satisfaction in 2020

Research and development

What are our lines of research?

  • Machine translation systems:
  • Platforms to manage translation memories
  • Techniques to exploit translation memories

What are our lines of research?

  • We incorporate machine translation and advanced translation memory searches into translation flows
  • We develop applications designed to manage translations: Itzulpenflow
  • We develop terminology: to extract multilingual terminology through the automatic analysis of document sets

To get in touch

Get in touch with us to let us know about any queries or suggestions you may have

943 36 30 40 (ext.: 216)